Money seized by anti-graft department in Coimbatore: Handover to complainant after 28 years

Money seized by anti graft department in Coimbatore Handover to complainant

Cash seized by anti-bribery department in Coimbatorem28 After years it was handed over to the complainant Interesting incident occurredis

Coimbatore, Passed by Vadavalli area In the year 1996 KathirmadionR Apply for name change in e-connectionTar. That time belongs to him Rs.400 The anti-bribery police arrested the bribe-taking power officer.

Then Kathirmadion gave Rs.400 It was placed in court as evidence.

They are 28 After years it has been given to the complainant.

Talked about it Kadirmationthis is for me As punishmentTh.  Goo said that steps should be taken to immediately pay the money received from the affected peoplecried.

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