My daughter’s brutality in school..Actress Urvashi who broke the secret..!

Born the daughter of theater actors, Kavita Ranjani changed her maiden name to Urvashi to act in the film industry. He was born and brought up in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

He has also acted in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada language films and has a huge fan base till date.

Actress Urvashi..

K Bhagyaraj, a versatile director, made his debut in the Tamil film Mundanai Mudichu, till he matched actress Urvashi.

After this came the opportunity to act in various films in Tamil. He acted in the films of actors who could be leading actors in Tamil.

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Urvashi was only 13 years old when she acted in Munthanai Mudichu. Even in a recent interview, she said with a sense of humor that I became a mother.

Cruelty staged by daughter at school..

He got married and settled down while he was at the peak of the cinema screen, and while making his daughter study in Pre-Keg, he has openly said that he was sitting in that class with his daughter like a student.

Apart from that, all the children there are very well used to me like aunty come and sit here and teach me rhymes.

Urvashi 4

All the pre-KG children called me Aunty Aunty, even though the teacher told me not to sit in the classroom anymore, just sit in the veranda.

In this situation, Aunty saw me coming from the shooting spot in Mami dress and kept my daughter with her saying how much I can manage to leave you alone.

Urvashi broke the secret..

But my daughter made the nanny’s face cry by throwing brandy on the aunty’s face with her hands.
Apart from that, I went to school with her for a month.

He has openly shared that if Eva starts crying, all the other children will start crying.

Urvashi 1

Not only is this matter now going viral on the internet, but Urvashi’s depiction of pranks done by her daughter in school as cruelty has made everyone think.

And usually all children engage in such activities when they start school.

So he also knows it’s not a big deal.
However, it is said that it is better to have told this openly to the media.

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