On one side, the bra was removed.

The small screen is a very useful thing for women in the modeling industry to gain acceptance among the masses very easily. They do not get opportunities very easily when they try to go to the cinema immediately after shooting.

Because as far as cinema is concerned, women who are desperate from the modeling industry are looking for opportunities there. Only a few of them get opportunities to become actresses. Most actresses don’t get that opportunity.

So they only act in commercials and then disappear. As a result, some actresses participate in small screen shows or dramas and through it get acceptance and hope to go to the silver screen.

Problems in Modeling Sector:

But not all actresses who are popular on the small screen get opportunities on the silver screen. Actress Nimeshika Radhakrishnan was the one who got an opportunity in the serial to get a career in cinema.

nimeshikaradhakrishnan 3

He is from North India and was looking for opportunities in South India due to the high competition in serials there. In that way, he got an opportunity in the serial Kannana Kanne which was aired on Sun TV.

Generally the dramas aired on Sun TV have the highest viewership. So by acting in those dramas, you can easily gain acceptance among the people.

Eye to eye opportunity:

As befits it, Kannana Kanne serial was also a popular serial at that time. This serial which started in 2021 was very popular. Kanna Kanna Kanna was the story of a daughter who yearns for her father’s affection.

nimeshikaradhakrishnan 4

This play was very popular because it was based on a story different from the previous plays. The drama ran for 603 consecutive episodes and ended in 2023.

After acting in this play, he did not get any other opportunities in any other play. However, actress Nimeshika Radhakrishnan has entered the field to try her hand at cinema.

nimeshikaradhakrishnan 1 scaled

After that, he often posts photos on social media. Recently, his published photos are spreading like fire on social media. And many fans are welcoming these photos.

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