Opposition to NEET Exam; Students protest in Trichy

Students Union of India (SFI) district president Surya led a protest to block the Trichy Head Post Office today to protest the irregularities in the NEET examination.

The student organizations involved in this protest tried to cross the barbed wire fence placed at the Trichy Head Post Office while condemning the NEET examination malpractice and raising slogans condemning Prime Minister Modi. They were stopped by the police who were engaged in security there.

As a result, there was a scuffle between the police department and the students and one of the police department got injured in his hand. Also, the student organization sat on the road in front of the Head Post Office and started protesting.
After a fierce struggle, the police arrested the people who were blocking the road and put them in a van.

Vairavalavan, suburban district president Amos, suburban district secretary Hari Prasad, metropolitan district deputy secretary district members participated in this protest. Aarti , all including Mariammal were arrested and this protest led to commotion in front of the Head Post Office. And the people who came to the post office were seen with fear.

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