Our goal is to bring back Amma’s rule in Tamil Nadu – Sasikala!

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Sasikala said that our goal is to bring Amma’s rule back in Tamil Nadu.

In a statement issued in this regard, he said, “The victory of the DMK in the recent parliamentary elections is the biggest pain for Tamil Nadu. It is now clear that DMK and its allied parliamentarians, who have already wasted five years without benefiting the people of Tamil Nadu, will not benefit the people of Tamil Nadu in the future.

This can be considered as a victory for the DMK to deceive the people of Tamil Nadu by making false promises. Also, this can be seen as a story of “Uru Rendu Pattal, Koothadiku Celebration” as DMK took advantage of the divisions in our movement and won it cold.

All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam was started by Ponmanachemmal revolutionary leader. After that, the movement was nurtured by Amma, the revolutionary leader of the Heart Goddess. I have been patient all this time with the sole thought that this movement should never fail because of my selfless role in its development. I made great efforts to unify the party. I can no longer be amused by the destruction of the movement because of the personal preferences and hatreds of a few. It is very painful to lose the recognition as the third largest party in India and to be relegated to the fourth and third position in a few seats in the parliamentary elections that took place today.

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Also, it is a huge pain that the movement has never seen deposit amount in 7 places. This is why the two great leaders worked tirelessly for the progress of this movement till their last breath. This is a huge betrayal to them. I could not bear this. What caused this predicament? Who is responsible for this? Think about that. If everyone had united and faced the parliamentary elections as a strong movement, the party would have won a great victory today. The DMK alliance will have failed miserably.

The movement has never seen such series of defeats. There is no benefit to anyone if they are doing separate avarthanam. Anyone has to think for themselves and succeed in it. Otherwise, at least listen to others and correct the mistakes. Losing everything and shedding blue tears does no one any good. Should the movement started by the revolutionary leader and nurtured by the revolutionary mother continue to fail like this? Or to earn success? The time has come to decide. Everyone should realize this reality and unite the party.

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I request everyone to unite in keeping in mind what revolutionary leader Amma said, “This movement will continue to work for the people even if it is for hundreds of years.” The people of Tamil Nadu have been severely affected by the DMK led government for three years. The DMK is squeezing the people of Tamil Nadu day by day and giving them great cruelty. Therefore, the DMK, knowing very well that gaining the respect of the people and winning is not something that will happen, is planning to divide the opposition and thereby win, and is intent on making sure that this movement does not unite.

As a few administrators in the movement neglect the interests of the party and act selfishly and make the movement continue to fail, the future of crores of volunteers is in question. Also, because of this, the people of Tamil Nadu are also getting stuck with the DMK. Therefore, the revolutionary leader started this movement with the sole aim of protecting the people of Tamil Nadu from the tyranny of the DMK. It is with this in mind that I continue to insist that all those who are separated in this movement should be united. The people of Tamil Nadu also want this movement to unite. The poor and simple common people in Tamil Nadu can live in peace only if the revolutionary leader Amma is in power.


If I continue to be patient, it will be a huge betrayal to our revolutionary leader, to the revolutionary leader, to the millions of volunteers who are living and breathing this movement, and to the people of Tamilnadu. Hence, it is imperative that this movement unite. All the association administrators should put aside their own likes and dislikes and think of the people of Tamil Nadu and the spirit of noble volunteers of this movement.

My intention and my goal is to embrace all of you without any difference, to uphold the same principles that Amma built, and to stand in a team and work together in unity as the sons and daughters of a revolutionary leader, regardless of caste and religion, according to the motto of the revolutionary leader. My family is members of Kazahgam and people of Tamil Nadu. I do not have a personal family like the revolutionary mother. I did not have any personal preferences and dislikes. At this time, I would like to inform you that every decision I have taken after the death of the revolutionary leader Amma, who was my sibling, friend and teacher in politics, is only for the benefit of the party and the people of Tamil Nadu.

At the critical time of 2017 when I had to go to jail due to the false verdict of the case framed by my political enemies, my only thought was to somehow save my mother’s rule and also save the party. For this, I saved the regime and the party in the midst of various crises. But what happened? The party rule could not come back in Tamil Nadu. The party was not spared either. When the revolutionary leader traveled with them, he said that this party is a party for the poor and therefore the party is important. He has always told me that volunteers are important. So, for me, the millions of volunteers who believe in this party and the people of Tamil Nadu are important.


Realize this well and let this party not perish, come all those who have the true intention of wanting the people of Tamil Nadu to progress. A bright future awaits. Our goal is to bring back Amma’s rule in Tamil Nadu. No one can stop the party from winning the upcoming 2026 Tamil Nadu assembly elections. We are forced to start the work immediately. Everyone should come and work together in unity for the benefit of the party and the people of Tamil Nadu. I am happy to say that you all are cordially welcomed to “Jayalalitha House”.

Let’s come together, fellow births. Let us unite for the development of our movement and for the rise of life volunteers and for the lives of the people of Tamil Nadu. Don’t be alarmed, club volunteers. If we are united no one can bring us down. The future is ours. Keeping in mind that we are going to get success in order to fulfill the thoughts of our two great leaders, he said, “All the gold that came from our mother, if we stop at one path and follow the right path, tomorrow will be ours.”

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