Marudhanayagam is re-emerging..! But.. the hero is not Kamal.. he is..! Thaar Maru Update..!

Kamal Haasan is one of the few prominent celebrities who wanted to continue bringing alternative cinema into Tamil cinema.

From the time Kamal Haasan entered the film industry, he dreamed of making films in Tamil like those in Hollywood. Kamal Haasan has prepared many directors to make such alternative films in the initial stage.

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Even when director and actor Manobala said in an interview, Kamal Haasan had given me a lot of world cinema films in the beginning and asked me to do those kinds of films.

But he is saying that I did not fulfill his wish. Thus many alternative cinema films produced by Kamal are now highly talked about films in Tamil.

Story of Maruthanayakam:

Kamal Haasan’s dream movie was Kamal Haasan’s long-time dream to film the life of Maruthanayakam historical hero Muhammad Yusuf Khan. So he shot the story of Marudhanayakam in his own production.

Ilayaraja composed the music for the film. Even though all the songs of this film were released, the film was not released. The film stopped halfway through the shoot. It can be said that Marudhanayagam is a movie that Kamal Haasan’s fans have been waiting for a lot.


Even so, the film was never released till the end. Many fans were waiting for the release of the film for many years. Speaking about the film after Vikram, Kamal Haasan said that it is impossible for me to play the role of Marudhanayak again.


He had said from the beginning that it should be filmed and someone else should act in it. In that way, there were talks at that time that it would be better if Seyan Vikram acted in this movie.

In this situation, Vikram looks almost like Maruthanayakam Kamal Haasan in the movie Tangalan in which Vikram is acting. So there are talks on one side that Vikram will be acting Marudhanayagam. Kamal is said to be producing this film as well. But no official information about this has come out yet.

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