Paint Factory Fire Accident, Terrible in Thiruvallur: Fire accident in the paint factory… Rescue work is intense! – paint factory fire accident in tiruvallur

Paint Factory Fire Accident Terrible in Thiruvallur Fire accident inA terrible fire broke out in a paint factory operating in Kakkalur Industrial Estate near Tiruvallur. An employee working here died in this fire accident. It has been reported that some people were also involved in the fire accident.

Electrical discharge

It is said that the fire occurred due to electrical leakage in the paint factory. When the fire broke out, the people nearby informed the fire department. By then, the fire has spread everywhere.
One is a victim

One person died in the accident. Four people were injured. They have been admitted to the intensive care unit of the government hospital. As some people are trapped inside the factory, the rescue operation has been intensified.

Difficulty in extinguishing fire

Firefighters are continuing to put out the fire. The fire has been burning for more than an hour and it has become difficult to extinguish the fire.
It is said that goods worth several crores were burnt and damaged.

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