Public demand to dispose of the Agaitamarai surrounded by Cholavaram lake canal!

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The public has demanded that the authorities should take action to dispose of the agayathamarai surrounded by the Chennai Cholavaram lake canal.

Chennai Cholavaram Lake is one of the lakes that provide drinking water to the people. The lake is released when it is full during the monsoons. The surplus water coming from Nallur, Vijayanallur, Attom Thangal, Balakanesanagar, MGR Nagar, Rajangamm Nagar, Sengunram Alamaram area goes for a distance of 4 km and flows into Puzhal Lake. In this case, the sewage discharged from the houses and shops on both sides of the Cholavaram Lake Canal is discharged into the canal. Sewage stagnates in the canal causing a terrible stench.

Due to this, mosquitoes are being produced more in the area and people are having trouble sleeping in their houses at night. Also, due to the overgrowth of agayathamara in the canal, it has become difficult for water to flow without obstruction. In this case, the public has demanded that the authorities should take action to prevent the discharge of sewage into the canal and to dispose of the overgrown air lotus.

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