Chavku Shankar case.. Judge G.R. High Court judge who bought Swaminathan left right.. Papa..

Chavku Shankar case Judge GR High Court judge who bought

Chennai: Judge G.R. Madras High Court Judge Jayachandran said that the order has been issued in an urgent manner. Moreover, even the basics of legal studies were laid down by Justice G.R. He also said that Swaminathan did not comply.

A petition was filed in the High Court on behalf of Chavku Shankar’s arrest under the Gangster Act on behalf of his mother Kamala. The case came up for hearing last month before a two-judge bench. Then Judge G.R. Swaminathan ordered the cancellation of the Thug Act imposed on Chavku Shankar. At the same time, another judge, Palagio, ordered the police to respond to the petition.

As both the judges gave a different verdict, the case was referred to a third judge. Accordingly, Madras High Court Judge Jayachandran was investigating this case. In this case, Judge Jayachandran, who heard the case today, Judge G.R., who had previously ruled on this petition. He scolded Swaminathan severely. He said:

Even the basis of law in this case was Judge G.R. Swaminathan did not comply. The first subject in law schools is LATIN MAXIM AUDI ALTERAM PARTEM. Without even following that, Judge G.R. Swaminathan has issued an emergency order.

Also, in this case he has shown interest in passing orders in haste without consulting even his bench partner (another judge). By this he has discriminated against the state police. Besides, the case was heard on the same day as the notice was given. Justice G.R. granted time for the prosecution to respond. Swaminathan did not provide.

Moreover, Judge GR Swaminathan has also said that authorities have spoken to him regarding this case. No matter who tries to change his mind, the judge must be neutral and not biased. For that he should not issue order in a case. Justice Jayachandran said.

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