I built an iPhone bed to make it bigger.. Atulya Ravi Open Talk..!

Atulya Ravi is seen popular among the youth circle by acting in short films.

He first made his debut in the film industry with the 2017 film Kadhal Khan Katute.

Actress Atulya Ravi:

Adulya Ravi, who received a unanimous response from her first film, became hugely popular among the youth in a very short span of time.

Due to this, his fans increased. Especially this girl from Coimbatore was seen as an actress who attracted everyone’s attention from the very beginning with her stunning looks and very cute expressions.

Since she was the best girlfriend material, she had a lot of crushes in the beginning.

After that, he continued to get film opportunities and acted in some films including Emali, Nadodidhi 2.

Some of the films he starred in subsequently failed. Also not getting film opportunities.

Action decision due to series defeat;

Due to this, Atulya Ravi did not know what to do and started looking for opportunities by posting attractive photos on her social media.

athulya ravi2

Due to this, Badu posted photos of her in glamorous clothes and posed attractively on social media and captured the hearts of all the fans.

He hoped to get an opportunity by showing charm. Accordingly, he acted in a blockbuster movie called Moringa Chips along with Shantanu Bhagyaraj.

Her performance in the film was critically panned and not a huge success.

Due to this, it also became a flop. Waiting for good movies. Meanwhile, he regularly uploads sexy photos on his social media sites to get opportunities.

Problem with first image:

In this case, he has spoken openly about the experience of acting in the first film and the release problem of the film.

I mean, when I made my debut in cinema, I didn’t know when my first film would release.

They will give me a date. But, the film will not release on that date. The release kept getting delayed.

It is during this time that I often tell my relatives and friends about the release of the film to increase the anticipation of my film.

They started teasing me at one point. The film has not been released. Have you actually shot the film? Or have you gone crazy? They even talked about that.

athulya ravi3

I made a bet to make it bigger:

It was very difficult for me then. Once I told a friend of mine that the film will definitely release on this date.

But, he didn’t believe me, I told him that I will build an iPhone bed and tell him that this time the film will be released.

But that time too the film was not released. Actress Atulya Ravi has said that she bought an iPhone for my friend without any other option.

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