Ready to share bed with him.. Popular young actress open talk..!

Actor Siddharth made his debut as a hero in Tamil cinema through the film Boyz directed by director Shankar. After Boyz, he acted in many films.

He has been a popular actor in both Tamil and Telugu languages. Actor Siddharth can be said to be the chocolate boy of Tamil cinema after Madhavan.

Chocolate Boy:

Siddharth continues to choose different story fields and act. That’s why his movies are always well received in Tamil cinema. He is currently playing the lead role in the movie Indian 2.

In this situation, an actress has spoken about a controversial matter about Siddharth. Actress Gayatri Rema made her debut in Tamil cinema in the year 2015 with the film Touring Talkies directed by SA Chandrasekhar.

After that, none of the movies he acted in got much response in Tamil cinema. So it can be said that even his name is not known to the masses. However, Gayatri Hema continues to act in Tamil and Telugu films.

Controversial Actress:

He has acted in more than 20 films so far. Apart from this he has also acted in 4 web series. He is currently talking about the adjustment in cinema while speaking in an interview.

Actress Gayatri Rema

Then he says that adjustment is not a wrong thing. It is a personal matter of actresses who can do it if they feel it is right and those who think it is wrong can stay away from it.

I too have a crush on actor Siddharth. In that interview, he openly says that he is ready for that even if he has to share a bed with her to act with her. Goo has been protesting this saying that it is degrading to other actresses as well.

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