The YouTube celebrity who published the video was arrested in Trichy!

A lot of women are insulted with obscenities, Durkhairaj, a YouTube celebrity from Virudhunagar, has been arrested for uploading videos and audios on YouTube in a derogatory manner and talking about women. For the past four years, he has been working with Evil Love Edits (Evil Love Editz) and Eve’s Love Songs (Evil Love Songs) YouTube channel named is conducting More than 10 thousand people follow his channel.

In it he is on YouTube with many girls How to start channel and lots of subscription He used to talk to him regularly about how to welcome him to his channel. Accordingly, a female YouTube channel from Puducherry He is used to talking with him. Later, due to a disagreement with him, he uploaded the audios and videos he had recorded when they talked earlier, portraying obscenity and talking on his channel.

The uploaded audio and video have been viewed by thousands of people. And he has spoken several times live on YouTube calling him a wrongdoer with the intention of defaming the woman. Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Kalaivanan on the complaint filed by the woman in this regard According to their orders, a case was registered and an investigation was conducted.

A preliminary investigation into his YouTube channel revealed that he had sexually assaulted more than two dozen women., It was revealed that he had recorded and uploaded the speech in a way that was derogatory and disturbing to women. It was also revealed that he uploaded the audio using obscene words to men as well. It is noteworthy that at least one lakh 50 thousand people are watching such disgusting and indecent videos uploaded by him.

Further investigation on him Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, It is learned that many women have filed complaints against him in places like Coimbatore. It has been revealed that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister had recorded a video in which he insulted him with obscene words and challenged him to use the police to arrest me if you can.

In this regard, the online police found the details of PK Vijay alias Durgai Rajru, the name of his YouTube channel was registered, the mobile number and online contacts, and it was found that he is staying in Trichy and Madurai. The said person was arrested by the internet police at 8:30 this morning for the above case.

Mohan will be produced before Puducherry Criminal Justice this evening and will be remanded in jail. On YouTube Posting defamatory comments about anyone, About minors, and misrepresentation of women, Spreading false information is also a crime YOUTUBERS Senior Superintendent of Police Kalaivanan said that they will definitely be subjected to legal action They strongly warn.

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