SP Velumani, AIADMK, BJP would have won 30 to 35 constituencies if there was an alliance – Former minister SP Velumani interview!

SP Velumani AIADMK BJP would have won 30 to 35

Former minister S.P. Velumani met the media at the AIADMK head office in Coimbatore.

Increase in vote percentage
Thank you to all the people who voted for AIADMK in the recent Lok Sabha elections. Although the AIADMK has lost several elections in the past, it has registered consecutive victories in the next few. In 2019, when it was in alliance with the BJP, AIADMK had secured 19.3% votes in the parliamentary elections. The voter turnout has risen to 20.4 percent in this election.

Defeated in the election

AIADMK is implementing various schemes for the people. AIADMK will definitely work with concern for people’s welfare. Winning or losing elections is normal, when we are in alliance in BJP, Tamilisai Soundararajan, CP. Radhakrishnan and others.

Alliance Dharma
Now Annamalai was speaking wrongly about the senior leaders who may continue to be in AIADMK after assuming office. Annamalai is the main reason for the dissolution of this AIADMK-BJP alliance. If the AIADMK-BJP alliance was there, we would have won 30 to 35 constituencies. While in alliance we practiced dharma.

Vote under NOTA
At least Annamalai should leave this kind of criticism. In 2014, BJP CP Radhakrishnan got more votes when he stood. Now Annamalai has bought less than that. Not only that, BJP also got votes under NOTA.

BJP rule at center
And he had announced a lot of promises while contesting the Annamalai elections. He must fulfill all those 100 promises. He has to fulfill this promise for the votes cast for the BJP alliance. He also said that we will provide coconut oil in the ration shop in 100 days and he should fulfill that too. Because it is their rule in the middle.

Stairs to success
AIADMK will win big only after a small decline. Let the Annamalai BJP leadership take care of it first. AIADMK workers never get tired Failure is our stepping stone to victory.
This is what he said.

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