Sugar cane is a wage..? Jill actor hunted both mother and daughter for film opportunity..!

She is an actress who crossed the border for a film opportunity as she acted in serials. Usually those who are in the modeling industry get opportunities to become heroines in movies.

Similarly, actresses who act in serials also come to the small screen through the modeling industry. Their dream is to become a heroine, even if they come to act in a serial initially.

Next destination:

Even in terms of salary, serial actresses do not get paid as much as heroines. In fact, the salary of serial actresses is very less compared to heroines.

Because of this, small screen actresses want to do something and become a heroine in the cinema. In that situation, the actress, who has been acting in serials for many years, has decided to jump into it due to her desire for cinema.

Ready for Adjustment:

He is looking for opportunities in cinema as serials are no longer set for us. This lady has completely left the small screen as if she is going to act only as a heroine.

Also ready to make adjustments for the film. This actress has come down to the stage of giving a chance. The worst thing about this is that her mother has given the green flag to her daughter’s decision.

A mother who is ready for competition:

And that mother stands in support of this Samachara. The mother of the actress has generously come forward as she is also ready to make adjustments if her daughter is given a chance. Mother and daughter have chosen the wrong path in their desire for money.

In this situation, Jill actor, who thought that he wanted to eat sugarcane, called this mother-daughter pair and hunted him. This incident has gone viral in Telugu cinema after it was leaked.

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