Taiwan vs China is the danger of world war… the whole world will shake… this is American arms dealing!

Internationally, there is a tense situation like Russia-Ukraine war, Israel-Gaza war. Meanwhile, the Iran-Israel conflict has created a stir. In this case, there is a fear that the China-Taiwan issue will create new tension. William Lai was recently sworn in as the new President of Taiwan. Since then, China has started military exercises around the country. Is it a plan to attack Taiwan because it looks like a war rehearsal? The question arises.

China is bad at Taiwan

It is important to know the background. While Taiwan considers itself a separate country, China considers it a breakaway region. According to historical records, it seems that Taiwan’s aborigines were people who moved from southern China. China brought Taiwan under its republic during World War II. After that it started functioning as a separate country due to various political circumstances. It is worth noting that only 12 countries recognize Taiwan internationally.

Xi Jinping laid the plan

So Kai is moving to bring it back under the Republic of China someday. Chinese President Xi Jinping is 71 years old. He calculated that the Republic of China would somehow expand in the next 10 years, and that by the time he was 80, he would have seen a vast Chinese nation. In that way, China’s attention has turned to Taiwan. Due to this, military operations are increasing. Noticing this, Australia has reacted.

Risk of World War II

Australia’s ambassador to the US, Kevin Rudd, said the consequences would be dire if China went to war on Taiwan. A situation similar to what happened during World War II will come. It may also change the environment of the world. So he has asked China to reduce its military activities.

US arms aid

In this context, the United States has been providing arms assistance to Taiwan in various ways. Even recently, a press release issued by the Pentagon’s Defense Cooperation Agency stated that a contract has been finalized for the supply of spare parts and repair parts for the F-16 fighter jet. This will strengthen Taiwan’s security.

China alert

Noticing this, the Chinese government cannot accept US arms sales to Taiwan. You can change your decision immediately. It has requested that the contract be withdrawn. As a result, it can be seen that there is a conflict between China, Taiwan and America.

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