The attempt to convince the people that the BJP is an unshakeable power has been shattered – Tamilachi Thangapandian!

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South Chennai DMK MP Tamilachi Thangapandian has said that the attempt to convince people that BJP is an unshakeable force has been shattered.

In his social media post in this regard, they are saying that even if the DMK alliance wins 40 seats, it is of no use… It is not the case.. The BJP, which was in a state of disbelief that they cannot do anything, has now come to a situation where they have to embrace other state parties. Modi has bowed to the Constitution of India.

A decade later the BJP would have started to realize that democracy is not about power – it is about coddling; Whatever they do, it comes down to having no one to ask. Efforts made by the media to convince people that BJP is an unstoppable force have been shattered.

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In a democracy the people are powerful; The 2024 election has shown this generation that neither individuals nor a movement is more powerful than the people. Perhaps if Tamilnadu had decided differently BJP would have got majority. None of the above may have happened… Tamil Nadu has saved democracy; It has shown that the people are important…that’s why it is called ‘forty to forty that lead the country’.

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