They called it 3 times in a row.. But.. Actress Bhumika opened the door..!

Actress Bhumika is one of the few actresses who got a huge reception in the first movie. She made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema through the movie Badri. The film Badri released in 2001 was well received at that time.

After that, Bhumika, who played the lead role in it, also got a good response. Bhumika continued to be a prominent actress in both Telugu and Tamil cinema.

After that, in 2002, Roja Kutam, Patti Thani, was a film that received widespread acclaim. She played the female lead in Okkadu, the original Tamil version of Gilli.

Winning streak:

Also Bhumika was acting in many movies then. For almost 10 years from 2001 to 2010, Bhumika was getting some opportunities and receptions. But after that he lost opportunities.

And after that, Bhumika got married and stayed away from cinema for some time. However, film producers and directors did not let him go.

Some directors are asking her to play the heroine. It is said that Bhumika also wants to play the female lead again. Because Bhumika did not act as a female lead in a few movies after her marriage.

Re-entry Bhumika:

boomika 2

Following this, Bhumika is focusing on losing weight to become the next heroine. Bhumika, who is currently taking up her fitness seriously, is expected to be seen as the heroine on screen in a few days.

On one hand, there were talks that he is going to participate in Bigg Boss season 15 in Hindi. Speaking about it, Bhumika has not yet invited me to participate in Bigg Boss. I am not ready to go for it even if called like that. I have already been invited to Bigg Boss thrice. Bhumika says I did not go then.

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