Tamilisai Soundararajan Says If BJP AIADMK Alliance Formed We Would Have Won : What Velumani said is true.. If there was only AIADMK-BJP alliance

The results of the Lok Sabha elections across the country were announced the day before yesterday. The BJP alliance is going to form the government by winning 293 seats in all India. The India Alliance, which won 232 seats, is sitting in the opposition ranks. As far as Tamil Nadu and Puducherry are concerned, the DMK led alliance won all 40 constituencies.

All the AIADMK and BJP alliance candidates were defeated. Now there are opinions that the DMK would not have been so successful if the AIADMK and the BJP had fought the election together. SP Velumani said that if the BJP had been in the AIADMK alliance, it would have won 30-35 constituencies and blamed Annamalai as the reason for the alliance breaking. But Annamalai retorted that there is no chance of an alliance with the AIADMK in the 2026 elections.

Speaking to the media in Chennai, Tamilisai Soundararajan said, “It is my humble opinion that you have failed to elect a good candidate in South Chennai. We stand for election to serve. Otherwise, I would have been the governor. Stalin should suppress the DMK online section. Failure happens to everyone. They write at will.

No matter how much teasing is done, the lotus will blossom in Tamil Nadu. Whether elected or not, we are members of Parliament in South Chennai. The South Chennai MP cannot even stand by my side in public service,” he said.

To a question on whether Velumani had said that he would have won more seats if the AIADMK-BJP alliance had been formed, he said, “That is a realistic fact. It is mathematically true that DMK would not have got so many seats if there was an AIADMK-BJP alliance. DMK has won because of split votes.

Similarly, I cannot say that there is no alliance with AIADMK, and no one in our party can say that. The All India leadership will decide whether to have an alliance or not. Ask him about Annamalai’s opinion on 2026 election alliance. There is still time for the 2026 elections. So there is still time to decide on the alliance,” he said.

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