That video leaked on the internet..! Lakshmi Menon gave a shock answer that no one expected..!

It can be said that black actresses have always had a place in Tamil cinema. Tamil cinema fans do not judge actresses based on color alone.

That is why from that time till now black beauties are also getting opportunities in Tamil cinema. Because they are close to the hearts of the fans.

Found fan base:

As the heroines are like the girls we see in the towns, they immediately develop fans. Actress Lakshmi Menon is the one who made her debut in Tamil cinema through the movie Sundarapandian and created such a huge fan base for herself.

Many fans were mesmerized by his face reaction and became his fans. His second film, Kumki, also got him a lot of recognition.

Lakshmi Menon continued to give hit films like Kutty Puli, Pandiyanadu and Naan Cikappu Manthan. There are fans who watched those movies only for Lakshmi Menon. In the meantime, Lakshmi Menon got an opportunity in Malayalam and acted in some films. After the film Rekka, he stayed away from cinema for some time.

Re-entry in Cinema:

It can be said that directors who made films related to villages during those times had a big problem in getting heroines. Lakshmi Menon has been a heroine who has never changed.

So they continued to cast her as the heroine in the films made about Madurai. In this situation, Lakshmi Menon gave a re-entry as the heroine again in the film Pulikutty Pandi released in the year 2021.


After that, he played an important role in the movie Chandramukhi 2. Lakshmi Menon is getting opportunities in Tamil cinema again and again.

Controversy Answer:

Once Lakshmi Menon attended an interview and was asked whether pornographic videos of actresses are often circulating on the internet and whether those videos are true or false.

Lakshmi Menon replied that it cannot be said that these types of videos are 100% false because in the current era, due to the development of technology, there are more chances of our videos being released without our knowledge.

Therefore, Lakshmi Menon says that there is a 25 percent chance of the videos appearing on the Internet being true.

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