The actor who touched actress Anjali on the public stage and pushed her.

Actress Anjali is 37 years old and still looks like a young actress.

She is seen as a star actress in South Indian cinema. Anjali, who has appeared in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil films, has a huge market.

Especially beyond Tamil, she has acted in various hit films in Telugu and is seen as a popular actress there.

Actress Anjali

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, he used to act in short films before coming to films.

It was through that that he started getting opportunities to enter the film industry. Anjali made her Tamil debut in the 2007 film “Karattu Tamil” starring Jeeva in Tamil.

Anjali was honored with the 2008 Best Debut Actress Award for the film.

He acted in the movie Take It Ayudham Yayoom. Then he acted in the movie Angadi Teru directed by Vasantha Balan and again grabbed everyone’s attention.

She grabbed everyone’s attention with her excellent performance as Anjali Gani in that movie.

Actress Anjali was honored with the Best Actress Award 2011 for the film.

Anjali’s Movies:

She continues to be a popular actress in Tamil cinema by acting in various films including Mangatha, Redtai Chuzhi, Dhonga Nagar, Kalakalapu, Chetai, Vattikuchi, Thaavi, Taramani, Mapplai Singham, Balloon.

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Meanwhile, he continues to act in films in Telugu cinema from time to time. Due to this, she is seen as a popular actress there as well.

Meanwhile, actress Anjali was in love with Tamil cinema’s famous hero Vijay for a few years and was living with him.

Anjali had said that actor Jai’s behavior was not good after both of them were living as husband and wife without marriage and he became addicted to drugs.

And Anjali broke up with actor Jay saying that he would not let her act even in movies.

Later, she lost her weight again and changed into a slimmer look and started acting in Telugu and Tamil cinema continuously starting the second season.

In that way, the movie “Gangs of Godavari” is currently being made with Anjali’s acting.

Nandamuri Balakrishna who has postponed the tribute:

The film was released yesterday on May 31. Telugu actor Nandamuri Balakrishna attended the pre-release event of this film.

At that time, while all the crew were standing on the stage and posing, suddenly a video of Balakrishna pushing Anjali was released on the internet and is going viral on a huge scale.

Apart from that, many people are condemning this act of Balakrishna. Anjali copes with this with a smile, but this has angered the viewers. Due to this, many people are condemning Balakrishna’s actions.

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