This incident is the reason why I did not act in cinema..! Alya Manasa made fans confused..!

Popular serial actress Alya Manasa became hugely famous after acting in Raja Rani serial telecasted on Vijay TV.

In this serial released in 2017, he played the character Semba and grabbed everyone’s attention.

Alia Manasa:

Sanjeev acted opposite Alia Manasa in the same serial. The chemistry was real when both of them acted together in the serial.

Yes, they really fell in love and got married in 2019. She continued to act in films even after marriage.

Meanwhile Alya gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Aila. Gabe gave birth to a baby girl and stayed away from prison for a few years.

After that she got pregnant again and gave birth to a boy. After the baby weight gain, she started working out again in the gym to keep her body slim and fit.

He started acting in serials again. Alia Manasa, who has been acting in various successful serials, is currently acting in the serial Iniya on Sun TV.

Rishi will act opposite her in this film. This serial has received a huge response among the people and is seen as a serial that has attracted the attention of housewives.

Money tight… I did that business:

Alia Manasa, who is seen as a popular serial actress and highest paid serial actress on Tamil TV, in a recent interview spoke about what caused her cinematic dream to disappear.

Also, he has openly spoken about the saddest things that have happened in life. “I struggled a lot in the beginning and we lived our early life.

alya manasa2

At that time, I thought that I should earn money by acting in films when it was very difficult to earn money.

At that time I also started looking for film opportunities. So I dropped out of college halfway through.

I will keep going for auditions. Sometimes they say they don’t want me and send me away.

Cinematic Dream Destroyed:

At that time I was also struggling financially. So I became a gym trainer and a dance teacher teaching children to dance, looking for film opportunities.

Also I used to earn small income by looking at jobs like dancing in groups.

On the other hand, I kept trying in cinema. That’s when I got an opportunity on the small screen.

But if I knock it off then I will be in a lot of trouble financially.

Father has cancer:

Not only that, my father was suffering from cancer at that time. At that time, if you don’t want to do serials, you want movies, if you are looking for opportunities, it will not work.

So I started my career as a serial actress. Now I am very happy to think that I have become a serial actress.

alya manasa3

If I had been a film actress, people would have looked for me and remembered me only on days like Diwali, Pongal, etc.

Now I am very popular among housewives as they watch me on television every day. Alia Manasa said that this gives me a lot of happiness.

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