Udayanidhi Stalin fell in love with the director..! Wife Kritika is in a state of shock..!

Udayanidhi Stalin is the biggest star and political celebrity born and brought up in a heir political and heir cinema family.

He is currently serving as the Sports Minister of Tamil Nadu and in charge of Red Giant.

Udayanidhi Stalin:

Mamannan is the last big hit movie starring Udhayanidhi Stalin who is doing various political welfare work as the Minister of Youth Welfare and Sports Development.

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s performance in this film and his role was a huge hit if his role was very compelling.

Not only that, the film was also seen as a good profitable film with good collections.

He finally acted in Mamannan and retired from acting in Udhayanidhi Cinema.

Kritika took over her husband’s business:

In his stead, his wife Krithika is taking over the responsibilities of Red Giant.

Following her husband’s busyness in politics. Wife Krithika Udhayanidhi has also directed the film “Kathalikka Semaramilli”.

Badu has been busy directing Kritika films. The two fell in love and got married last year.

They have two children, Inban Tanmaya. Krithika and Udhayanidhi are seen as a newly married couple even though they have been married for so many years.


At this stage, the current information is that both Udayanidhi and Krithika participated in an interview a few days ago and shared many things in it.

Kritika rejects Udayanidhi’s love:

They talked about many things including their love experience, marriage, politics. Krithika Udayanidhi spoke then… When my husband Uday came to me and proposed love, I did not accept it at first.

I rejected him because he belonged to a political family. Many questions ran through my mind whether this would be okay for me and politics and whether all this would be set for us in family life.

So I rejected him in the first place. He seemed like a good man then.

Then I liked to see him regularly. Kritika had said that I came down at one point and said OK.

At that time, I took an oath that you will not enter politics alone. After that he said that he should not go into politics himself… But I am acting as a hero, so he took permission and acted.

Now, little by little, he has completely gone to the political side. Kritika shared this very comically.

Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi1

Narrating the female director, Udayanidhi said:

It is noteworthy that their lively interview has gone viral on social media.
Krithika fell in love with and married Udhayanidhi, who was an ordinary director when Udhayanidhi was a member of a huge political heir family.

Although the matter was widely talked about at the time, his family accepted his love.

It is noteworthy that both Krithika and Udayanidhi have been a very good couple at present.

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