Shyam who fainted from laughing terribly: Do you have this problem too?

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, But to a man

While drinking tea A comedy show looking atShyam while having He was grinning terribly. Unfortunately, The laughter is so intense, He The tea cup he was holding fell down, Then his body relaxed.

He fell off the chair and lost consciousness for a while. The worried daughterR She noticed some involuntary movements in the arms.

Fortunately, He was given immediate medical attention. Dr Sudhir Kumar diagnosed her condition as laughter-induced trance, This is a rare but real phenomenon.

Dr. Ether Pasha (Consultant-Internal Medicine, CARE Hospitals, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad), Dizziness caused by excessive laughter is very rare, But he admitted that it was very possible.

What is Laughter Induced Fainting??

It is caused by sudden fluctuations in heart rate and drop in blood pressure, This leads to fainting Dr Pasha explained. It often occurs as a reaction to some type of stress stimulus. This extremely rare condition is characterized by loss of consciousness due to excessive laughing.

Vasovagal, Cardiac, SituationIn and neurologic syncope are some types of syncope is, He said they were similar to the trance induced by laughter.

What are the symptoms??

Loss of consciousness and temporary fainting are symptoms of syncope, At the same time Its In previous symptoms shrunken vision, Nausea, Rapid heartbeat, Symptoms include sweating and lack of balance when standing, Dr. Pasha says.

Are some more at risk than others??

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SmileMilk Research on specific risk factors associated with induced sedation is limited.

However, sudden death, And people with a family history of chest pain or palpitations may be at higher risk for fainting, Dr. Pasha also said that there is a high chance of laughter-induced fainting.

This disorder is treated through prevention and patient awareness of the problem

For this Can be treated or managed only Can you?

There is no specific treatment for laughter-induced fainting. However, Strategies focus on avoiding stimuli such as intense laughter. This may include lifestyle changes such as avoiding stressful situations or activities, Especially if there have been episodes of fainting in the past.

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