What is the problem with Edappadi Palaniswami and SB Velumani? Annamalai lit up

While the AIADMK has been saying that there is no alliance with the BJP, BJP has also confirmed Annamalai.

He said that there is no alliance with the AIADMK in the 2026 elections as well and said that they will form a coalition government.

The BJP state president met reporters at the Annamalai Coimbatore airport.

Speaking then, he said, “During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, AIADMK was the ruling party. By participating in their alliance, the BJP suffered an unprecedented defeat.

Velumani says that if the AIADMK-BJP were united in the 2024 elections, they would have won 35 seats. Looking at Velumani’s comment, it seems that there is an internal party problem between him and Edappadi Palaniswami. SB Velumani Annan has shared wrong statistics.

People have taught the AIADMK leaders a lesson of what will happen if they face elections in alliance with fundamentalist organizations like STBI.

In Coimbatore district where AIADMK MLAs are present in all assembly constituencies, AIADMK has lost deposits in three assembly constituencies. SB Velumani is speaking at the height of that frustration.

It is wrong to bring a goat and slaughter it in the middle, to brutally film it and post it on social media. If the DMK people who slaughter the goat are angry, leave the goat and slaughter me. This is my town. If DMK Dontan is angry, lay hands on me. Time will come for BJP – Don’t get emotional activists.

In the 2026 assembly elections, the coalition government will be formed. “I know from speaking that there is no chance of forming an alliance with AIADMK again,” he said.

In relation to Annamalai, AIADMK IT Wing said on its X page, “Annamalai has no interest in talking about AIADMK, Edappadi Palaniswami or SB Velumani. Let Annamalai, who talks about the AIADMK without looking at the knives hanging over his head, first preserve his position and existence! No matter how much a goat, a wolf or a fox comes, the AIADMK cannot be swayed,” it said.

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