Vijayakanth helped introduce Arjun; Do you know how?

In Tamil cinema, Arjun is known as the action king after acting in many hit films, It is a fact that many people do not know that Vijayakanth is responsible for his debut in Tamil cinema.

Arjun was born in Karnataka, While acting in a few films, He made his debut in Tamil cinema in the year 1984 with Karthya’s film, Thank you. This film gave him a big hit, Next, the dragon, who, Shankar Guru, Jai Hind, Servant, He has acted in many hit films including Red Fort.

Not just as an actor, Arjun is crawling in Tamil cinema with versatile talent as a director and producer, Finally, He directed and produced the film Jaihind 2 and acted as the hero. Arjun, who is currently playing a lead role in a leading actor’s film, played a lead role in Vijay’s Leo, which was released last year.

Ajith is currently gearing up for the Vida venture, Arjun who has been acting in some films including, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, He has acted in many hit films in South Indian languages ​​like Kannada. Arjun has his own fan base in Tamil, It is a fact that many people do not know that Vijayakanth is responsible for the introduction of Tamil Seema.

Thank you is an official remake of the Kannada film Thalia Bhagya. This film was produced by actor AVM Rajan. AVM Rajan Vijayakanth was first roped in to play the role of Arjun in this film. Then Vijayakanth asked for a huge amount as salary. Unable to pay the salary he asked for, AVM Rajan, who was there, has asked to reduce his salary and act.

AVM Rajan’s request could be accepted at that time, No Vijayakanth and his friend Ibrahim Rauthar. So Vijayakanth refused. At the same time, It is a Kannada film itself, Vijayakanth has suggested that the boy who acted in that film can be cast in Tamil. After that, Arjun made his debut in Tamil cinema by acting in the movie Thank you.

Karthik, Nalini, Mahalakshmi, Shankar Ganesh had composed the music for this movie starring many others, All the songs are written by Wally himself. The film was also a huge success, Arjun rose to prominence as a leading actor in Tamil cinema by committing to successive films.

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