Will any Pombala reveal this..? A famous actor who will blow VJ Maheshwari..!

Actress Maheshwari Chanakyan got her chance in cinema after being a host. He is commonly known as VJ Maheshwari.

Hailing from Chennai, Maheshwari continued to try her hand at the small screen after her college studies. It was at this stage that she got an opportunity to become a host. Using that, he started acting in a serial called Pudukavitha which was aired on Vijay TV.

2010 In Film Opportunity:

At the same time, he was also hosting many shows, and in the middle of this, he got an opportunity to act in the movie Quill in 2010.

After that, VJ Maheshwari acted in many films. In 2022, he played the role of Kausalya in the Kamal Haasan-starrer Vikram.

He acted in the serial Amman which was released in 2021. Maheshwari subsequently participated in Bigg Boss season as a contestant. It can be said that VJ Maheshwari is one of the few people who have been popular in Vijay TV.

question will ask student Ranganathan:

In this situation, a video released recently by VJ Maheshwari has come under controversy. Athlete Ranganathan has expressed his opinion about it. In a recent video, VJ Maheshwari had posted a video boasting about having a drinking bar setup in his home.

When Bailwan Ranganathan spoke, “Would any puppet in this town boast of having a bar set up in his house?” Or say it out loud? But VJ Maheshwari has released a video saying this proudly.

vj maheswari 2

His son’s school mates have been teasing him about this after seeing this video. Enraged by this, he came and asked VJ Maheshwar about this. VJ Maheshwari has sent his son to tell him that he should not see all this, dear.

Bailwan Ranganathan is saying where to report all these kinds of atrocities.

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