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Actress Keerthy Pandian is one of the actresses who entered the field as a successor actress in Tamil cinema. Keerthy Pandian, the daughter of actor Arun Pandian, who was popular in the 1990s, has a good height like him.

Suddenly he made his debut in Tamil cinema. From the beginning, he had no interest in Tamil cinema, then he stepped into cinema just to act in a film and watch it.

However, now Keerthy Pandian has become a heroine known to many people. Keerthy Pandian made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema in the year 2019 through the movie Thumpa after completing her college education.

Thumba’s win:

In Thumba, the heroine is given more importance than the hero. The film was made to create awareness about tigers.

keerthy pandian

Keerthy Pandian will be a person who knows a lot about tigers. Even the protagonist doesn’t know much about tigers. Therefore Thumpa was a film made to develop Keerthy Pandiyan in cinema.

After that, Keerthy Pandian acted in the movie Anbirkiniyal in 2021. But the film was not well received. Most of the movie fans don’t know such a movie.

Marriage with Ashok Selvan:

The movie Kannagi which came after that was somewhat well received. Because at the time of the release of Kannagi, Keerthy Pandian and actor Ashok Selvan were married.

keerthy pandian.webp

Because of that, Kannagi movie got some popularity as he was a bit popular then. After that, the movie Blue Star, which came with her husband Ashokselvan, was well-received.

Keerthy Pandian is currently getting opportunities in Tamil cinema. After becoming a heroine, like other actresses, she has started posting photos on social media. After that, some of the photos that he published recently are becoming more viral due to their attractiveness. Following this, Keerthy Pandyan has also started to have a fan base.

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