ChatGPT’s next monster development.! Cool Features of GPT-4o…

Chennai : GPT-4o is introduced as the next evolution of ChatGPT.

OpenAI, which is working with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, has already introduced AI technology called ChatGPT and is getting strong response among users. The Open AI company has been releasing its subsequent new updates from time to time and receiving reception. The successor of GPT 4 has now introduced a new technology called GPT 4o.

In GPT 4o o is specified as omni. That is, it is defined as an attempt to establish human-computer interaction. In this regard, Meera Murati, CEO of Open AI, said at an event held in San Francisco, USA. GPT 4o is the next dimension of GPT 4. With this, it is mentioned that users can get their desired options by giving not only commands in the form of messages but also inputs in the form of voice and video recordings.

Regarding this he added, Murati mentioned that we have developed this new technology considering the connection between us and machines in the future and it is an improved facility of the previous GPT 4.

With this, he said that we can extract the recorded voice from the video as a message, convert it into a message, then translate it into a language we know and then convert it back into a voice recording and listen to it.

GPT 4o builds on the experience of ChatBot, GPT4. That is, when extracting the voice from a video and converting it into a message, GPT 4o relies on ChatBot to translate the message.

Similarly, Murati said that the same emotion as in the actual video, i.e. if a song is sung in a different language, it will be adapted and given to us in the language we listened to with the same emotion.

If we give this GPT 4o a photo, it can search on various topics like what kind of photo it is, what is the code in that photo and so it can give us the answer. These features will be further developed in the future.

In the future, if we watch a game described live in a different language, we can use this GPT 4o to translate it into the language that suits us and watch it live.

Sometimes the models given by users can be complicated. We are focusing on addressing that and making it very easy and natural for users. This is the beginning of a larger goal. Meera Maratti said at the San Francisco event.

Currently GPT 4o is designed to work in around 50 languages, is twice as fast as ChatGPT and has more limitations than GPT 4 Turbo. It is currently being tested on a limited number of people or a group of people on a trial basis first, and is said to be introduced for general use after the trial is over.

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