Confused by Google AI? The main officer who gave the explanation.!

AI Overview: A Google official has said that there is no confusion in Google AI and only some queries of users have been answered based on satirical articles.

Google is also actively working to lead the world of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Google AI Overview, which is currently widely used among users, is facing some criticism in its functionality.

In particular, yesterday a user asked Google AI to fix it by saying that it didn’t run the cheese on the food pizza. For that, Google advises using non-toxic glue. This response has led to various criticisms of Google’s AI overview on the Internet.

A Google spokesperson has now given an explanation to the BBC news agency about such responses. It said that some of these answers were added for humor and that these answers were given to Google Overview users based on articles written by humor site The Onion.

Also, the company claims that Google AI is working well. It also said that only some very rare questions do not give the answers that common users expect. But Google also says that for most queries, Google AI provides more information with additional links to search deeper into the web. However, Google has explained that some policy violations have been detected in the Google AI overview and steps have been taken to correct it.

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