Cub separated from ill mother elephant: Wilderness is desperate to reunite with mother

The forest department is actively trying to reunite the baby elephant that got separated from its mother near Coimbatore.

The forest department is trying to reunite the cub with its mother in Kuppepalayam area of ​​Coimbatore. A 3-month-old baby elephant was being monitored by the forest department after being separated from its ailing mother in the Marudamalai forest.

In this case, the forest department has identified the baby elephant that was with the group last night and is trying to catch it and reunite it with the mother elephant. As there is a mother elephant nearby, the work of adding her is in full swing, The forest department has given milk to a baby elephant that was separated from its mother.

The forest department is actively working to reunite the baby elephant, which was separated and wandering around alone, after finding the mother elephant who is sick.

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