Karthik, who was looking to take off his clothes..! Beaten Sripriya..! what happened..?

Sometimes love stories in Tamil cinema have bad endings. Actor Kamal Haasan is known as the king of love after Gemini Ganesan in Tamil cinema.

After Kamal Haasan, it is said that actor Karthik is the one who got the same name. It is said that in his younger days, Kartik was busy falling in love with the female lead in all the films he acted in.

There has also been an incident that ended up being a great reaction after the love he made like that. Karthik has been in love with actress Sripriya just as he has been in love with heroines while acting in many films.

Sri Priya’s Love:

But Karthik has been deeply in love with Sripriya and in the midst of this, Karthik acted in a movie called Solaiquil. While acting in that film, Karthik fell in love with Ragini, who made her debut in the film.

Karthik thought that he should marry only Ragini, who would leave her halfway when he fell in love with other women. Karthik has been continuously involved with Ragini since the shooting started.

Cheating Karthik:

It is said that many times Karthik was busy doing Ragini’s favorite things on the set. Both of them got married after the shooting was over.

After hearing this, Sri Riya could not bear it. After this, Sripriya wanted to sacrifice Karthik. At this stage, Sripriya came to know that Karthik and Ragini have come to AVM studio for the dubbing work of the movie Solaiquil.

actor karthik

Immediately she took her car and came to AVM studio in dubbing studio where Sri Priya attacked both Karthik and Ragini.

Then he went to a private room and closed the door. Many people knocked on the door but Shri Priya did not open it, then when they broke the door and went in, he drank the poison and fell unconscious. After that, he was admitted to the hospital and saved his life. Sripriya was really in love with Karthik to such an extent that it ended up in such a big trouble.

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