Google launches Google Wallet in India

Google introduces Google Wallet in India!

Google launches Google Wallet in India

Google Wallet is a non-payment feature, this app is designed to digitize our wallets. With the help of this application, we can do everything that we do in the wallets that we usually use, Google said. It is referred to as a digital version of a physical item.

Boarding passes, cinema tickets, public transport tickets, gift cards, digital car keys etc. can be stored digitally in this app. You can get instant notifications about everything saved in this app. It is also said to be designed to work in conjunction with other Google applications.

Google launches Google Wallet in India

It is said that the ticket-related information of the user who takes the ticket using this wallet app will automatically be sent to Gmail and can be viewed in this app.Note that this requires users to have turned on the Smart Personalization setting in Gmail.

Android phone users can download, install and use the app from Google Play Store. Passes, coupons, tickets can be added to it through Add to Wallet.

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