Parthiban’s level is this.. This is the expectation on him..! Actress Sita broke the secret..!

Sita, who was one of the leading actresses in the world of Tamil cinema, got the opportunity to act in successive films with her mature performance.

In that way, he has created a fan base for himself by acting in South Indian language films like Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and other Tamil films.

Parthiban level is this..

In this case, while acting in the movie New Path, I fell in love with director Parthiban. After Sita’s house did not approve of their love, she left the house and married the director and actor Parthiban.

After this, two girls were born to them who became a star couple. They got a legal divorce after their marriage, which was going very well, began to show cracks.

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This is what was expected of him.

After this, in a recent interview, this was the expectation of Parthiban’s place in the marriage, but I did not get it.

I thought I wanted Parthiban because Sukasini sings En Purushan in the movie Sukasini is only for me.

I didn’t get married for his fame and money.I also come from a middle class family.

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Similarly, since Parthibanam comes from a middle class background, my whole focus was to get love from Parthibanam.

Actress Sita spoke openly..

At some point, because I did not get that love from Parthiban, a rift started to fall between us. He has openly spoken that he finally came to the division.

This talk is now going viral on the internet and Sita is not expecting cash. Fans understood that what she expected from her husband was the love and affection that an average woman would expect.

After this, all their fans have been talking about this matter, but they have also been saying that the extent of his love for Sita Parthiban has been expressed in his speech.

And this subject has now gone viral on the internet and has also become a talking point among fans.

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Also, to those who do not know the reason behind Partipan Sita’s split till today, Sita’s speaker has clearly explained the truth about the reason for their split.

Actress Sita once again married a serial actor and is currently living alone after her mental life did not go well.

You may remember that there were stories on the internet about Parthibaan’s desire to accept him back, but Parthibaan’s unwillingness to do so.

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