Rajini said that Urvashi should not act in Muthu.. Ramesh Khanna’s speech caused a controversy..!

You may remember the lyrics of the song, ‘Who is the superstar?’ In that way, I don’t need to tell you about the movie Muthu, which was released in the role of the superstar.

Also Rajinikanth has acted as Seerum in this film. Also, the film was a box office hit among the fans.

Muthu Movie..

The 1995 Tamil film Muthu was directed by KS Ravikumar and featured Rajinikanth in a double role.

The film was composed by Oscar-winning actor AR Raghuman, after a huge star-studded cast including Raghuvaran, Sarathbabu, Radharavi, Senthil and Vadivelu played opposite Rajini.

You may even remember that its director KS Ravikumar has talked about this film, which may have the theme of a Malayalam film, in various interviews.

muthu 1

And this film won Superstar Rajini the best actor award at the Tamil Nadu Government Film Awards in 1996.

Also, this movie has the honor of being the first Indian movie to be released in Japanese language.

Rajini told Urvashi not to act..

There is no need to say much about the movie directed by KS Ravikumar. Similarly, you will know the assistant director Ramesh Khanna very well.

You may remember him from KS Ravikumar films. After this, Ramesh Khanna gave an interview to a popular YouTube channel and created a stir.

muthu 3

The reason for this is that when Superstar Rajinikanth was acting in the film Muthu, he was adamant that actress Urvashi should not act in the film and also caused a sensation by saying that he had told Urvashi over the phone.

This is because actress Urvashi was first signed to play the role of Radha’s daughter Padmini opposite Sarath Babu in Muthu.

Ramesh Khanna speech..

Therefore, several assistant directors including Ramesh Khanna decided that it would be good to cast him in this film and they told the director KS Ravikumar and he gave it OK.

muthu 2

In this case, Rajinikanth, who came to know about this matter, decided not to cast such a character when Urvashi was growing well and the film crew told Urvashi on the phone.

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