Reunited Reunion; Open minded actress Ambika!

Ambika, who was a leading actress in Tamil cinema in the 80s-90s, is now acting in small screen serials., Malli has opened up about the serial he is acting in.

Ambika debuted as a child star in Malayalam cinema, He made his debut in the year 1979 with the Tamil film Chakkalathi. For those 7 consecutive days, Kaki Chat with Kamal Haasan, Along with Rajinikanth, he has given many hit films with leading actors such as Pragadathavan.

At one point, the heroine’s chances were reduced, Ambika who acted in many films in the main character, She acted as Vishal’s mother in Awan Evan directed by Bala. Ambika, who has been playing the main character in Tamil cinema, is also acting in small screen serials. Especially the serials Nayagi and Aruvi released in her acting were well received by the fans.

After that, he is currently acting in a new serial called Malli. Nikita Rajesh Malli is acting in this serial, Actress Nalini, Ambika is playing the lead role alongside Poornima Bhagyaraj. Ambika gave an interview to Sarigam about this serial, Malli is very happy to act in the serial. And SunTV is an added joy. After working in a place, going back to that place increases happiness.

Waterfall Serial is over without a big gap, I am very happy that Malli has committed to the serial immediately. Malli Serial Super Malli Malli everyone must watch. Malli means again in Telugu. Everyone should rewatch Malli serial. Must smell jasmine. To smell our jasmine, we must see jasmine jasmine. This serial should be a big hit.

In this serial, We have to thank the producer for reuniting Nalini and Poornima. I last acted in a Malayalam film with Poornima in 83-84. After that I am now acting in Malli serial and in 86 I acted in Kannada film with Nalini. After that I am acting now. Acting with them after 40 years was like a school re-union.

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