Wish to spread wings today: Vijaya supports Muthu..

The desire to fly is serial– Let’s see what is going to happen today in Chirakadikka Aasa serial (June 11) airing on Vijay TV.

While Muthu was talking to her friend, Meena leaves the house, upset by the words he spoke like always. Today, Rohini has cooked. Manoj, Vijaya and Ravi eat this and make fun of Rohini’s cooking.

Vijaya calls Annamalai to come and eat. Annamalai is worried about not seeing Meena. Even then Vijaya scolds Meena. Annamalai doesn’t even care to see Meena, they scold Meena to come only to cook.

Now Muthu is coming there. Annamalai asks Muthu if you have a fight with Meena. He says no father and tells what he said to his friend. He says that maybe this has been misunderstood. So Annamalai also scolds Muthu.

Vijaya now supports Muthu and says why still tie her head and let her go. Now Meena Oda calls Thangachi Muthu and says that she is suspicious about usurer.

Muthu goes to see Sudhakar on usury. He is lying with his hands and feet beaten. Seeing him, Muthu understands that there is no possibility that Meena herself kidnapped him in this condition.

Manoj scares Vijaya;

Manoj scares Vijaya that Meena may have done something after writing a letter to Vijaya. Vijaya also gets scared and tries to find out if there is something in the temple.

In this situation, Meena’s younger brother Usuppethi asks Chitti Meena’s younger brother to report her missing sister to the police. Chitti says with the aim of somehow sending Muthu to jail.

At the same time Muthu’s friend tells Muthu that it is time to go and file a police complaint. Hearing this, Muthu also goes to the police station. This concludes today’s episode.

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