With her hand on her chest.. 42 year old actress Shreya Uchcha Gatta glamor pose..!

Shreya Charan started her film career in the 2001 Telugu film Isudham and became one of the popular actresses after the 2002 Telugu film Santosham was a huge success.

After this, he got an opportunity to act in Bollywood and Tollywood, and then made his debut in the Tamil film world by acting in the Tamil movie, Mekhu 20 Tunku 18.

Actress Shreya..

He showed his great acting skills in his first film in Tamil and subsequent film opportunities came to him. In 2005, he acted in the film Marashi, and in 2006, he acted in the film Thiruvilayadal Arambam.

Shreya Saran, who played the role of a Tamil woman in the Tamil film Sivaji in 2007 starring Superstar Rajinikanth, took a place in the hearts of Tamil fans and acted in Thoranai in 2009.

Apart from that, he gave a mature performance in the movie Kandaswamy starring Seeyan Vikram and after acting in the movie Kutty in 2010, he acted in the movie Jakubhai in the same year.

shriya 3

While busy acting in films, she fell in love with a Russian industrialist and got married and has a daughter named Radha.

Put your hand on your chest..

She who can be reserved on social media always takes photo shoots in colorful clothes and posts the photos on Instagram.

In that way, she released more glamor photos after 40 years and could have a child and made her fans enjoy.

shriya 1

All the fans who are watching this with longing are commenting that she doesn’t know how old she is, can she act if she gets film opportunities and they are commenting that she is a glamor girl who gives birth to a child.

The ultimate glamor pose..

Just like the blue sky looks blue, fans are wondering what to look at first because everything looks so fresh in her photo, like the blue model dress.

Every photo has such a way that it blows my mind when I see it, so they share this photo with their friends and share the pleasure they got.

shriya 2

These photos, which keep fans hooked with extra glamour, have become one of the most viewed photos on the internet and are sure to feed fans’ cravings.

And all the fans are talking about the fact that 42-year-old Shreya Saran threw a curry party for the fans with her hand on her chest.

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